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Thuốc lá Malboro Nga

  • Tên sản phẩm : Thuốc lá Malboro Nga
  • Mã sản phẩm :
  • Nhãn hiệu : Malboro
  • Xuất xứ : Nga
  • Mầu sắc : Đỏ, trắng
  • Giá thị trường :
  • Giá bán cửa hàng : Liên hệ
  • Thanh toán an toàn với Bảo Kim !
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    [ Hướng dẫn thanh toán ]
  •  One of the most known & famous Cigarette brand Marlboro Cigarettes, made and developed by Philip Morris, started its history on 1847 in England. The brand is obliged by its origin to Great Marlborough Street in London. It sounds interesting, but initially, Marlboro Cigarettes was targeted at female smokers. So, as you can guess, "Mild As May" is one of most favoriteMarlboro Cigarette's slogans.

    New Marlboro Cigarette with a filtered tip was launched in 1955. Now, we all know Marlboro cigarettes due to its well recognized set of paints and the courageous cowboy! At the beginning of seventieth (in 20th century),Marlboro cigarettes became the most popular brand, and have remained so, for the most part since then. In 1992, financial analytics ranked Marlboro as the world\'s No. 1 most valuable brand, with a market worth of $32 billion. Currently, Philip Morristobacco brands are in 180 markets, have a 38% market share in the US, are the top-selling cigarettesin the world, and the tenth-most valuable product brands overall.

    Just for your information, please see below the Varieties of Marlboro cigarettes currently available on the market:

    • Reds (Full Flavor): Kings, 100s and 72mm box
    • Medium: Kings and 100s
    • Lights: Kings, 100s, and 72mm box (marketed as Marlboro Gold )
    • Ultra Lights: Kings and 100s (marketed as Marlboro Silver in the EU)
    • Menthol: Kings,100s, and 72mm box
    • Menthol Lights: Kings and 100s
    • Menthol Ultra Lights: Kings and 100s
    • Menthol Mild: Kings,100s, and 72mm box
    • UltraSmooth: Kings
    • Blend No. 27

    Buy Marlboro Cigarettes on this web site - one of the largest online cigarette retailers! TheMarlboro we sell, namely Marlboro Filter Box cigarettesMarlboro Lights Box cigarettes andMarlboro Ultra Lights Box cigarettes, as well as the other cigarette brands, - are made in Europe, and correspond to EC specification and quality, unless otherwise is stated. All the cigarettes, includingMarlboro, are available directly from our EU warehouse for immediate dispatch.

    Important: Please, always read carefully our Terms of use, when you buy cigarettes from our Discount Cigarette shop. You should be at least 18 years old to make online purchases of discountcigarettes.

    Marlboro Cigarettes Cigarettes

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