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DHA EPA Vitamin E Hải cẩu

  • Tên sản phẩm : DHA EPA Vitamin E Hải cẩu
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  • Xuất xứ : Nhật Bản
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  • Thanh toán an toàn với Bảo Kim !
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    DHA EPA và Vitamin E

    DHA EPA và Vitamin E.Sản phẩm tăng cường sức khỏe - trí não của Orihiro Nhật Bản,120 viên nhộng do Orihiro Nhật Bản bào chế với thành phần omega 3, vitamin E, DHA và EPA...giúp tăng cường hồi phục sức khỏe, cải thiện trí nhớ, chống lão hóa cơ thể và trí tuệ.

    Cách dùng: ngày uống 4 viên.


    120 capsule size DPA + DHA + EPA

    Price: US$37.24 * tax incl. ¥3,129
    International shipping fees will be charged by each store on an individual base.

    Customs or import duties may apply additionally,

    Rakuten is the No.1 marketplace in Japan.
    More than 60 million items, 33,000 shops, users from around the world!

    Product Description

    120 capsule size DPA + DHA + EPA

    Grain quality in four Canadian Hapushiruoiru blended 800mg,
    And vitamin E with tocotrienols plus.

    Recommended for people with trouble comes from lifestyle.

    You may be charged for your time and more.

    Product Name DPA + DHA + EPA Capsules
    Ingredients Seal oil extraction and purification of gelatin, purified wheat, glycerin, vitamin E, tocotrienol
    Contents 120 grain
    How to Save Avoid direct sunlight and humid, please store in a cool place.
    Nutritional facts
    Size 4 (1440mg / capsule containing gelatin) per
    800mg seal oil extraction and purification
    13mg tocotrienol
    If you enjoy Meal - such as when a guide about 4 tablets per day as food with nutrient function claims, please enjoy with a cold or hot water.
    • If you have any discomfort, please drink a Lot of water.
    Other You receive from your first time, please enjoy a small amount.
    Advertising censure Mikuni Service Inc.
    048-772-0935 (contact phone number)
    Manufacturer (Manufacturing) Orihiro
    Tomioka, Gunma Prefecture 370-2464 南蛇井 51-1
    Groups Health Food Made in Japan

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